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  • Fundación Forge

    Fundación Forge

    Our vision is to contribute to a prosperous and equitable Latin America, built upon ethics and decent work. We aim to be recognized as the most innovative, efficient training and job placement program of the decade.

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  • Fundación Fundacava

    Fundación Fundacava

    Fundacava Foundation´s mission is to support economically and professionally all pastoral activities of the Church Nuestra Señora de La Cava in the diocese of San Isidro, province of Buenos Aires..

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  • Fundación Generando Nexos

    Fundación Generando Nexos

    Fundacion Generando Nexos is the bridge between the existing needs and resources,seeking to transform reality through education with the aim of building a better future.

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  • Fundación Grano de Mostaza (GDM)

    Fundación Grano de Mostaza (GDM)

    Fundación Grano de Mostaza promotes integration and social inclusion in equal conditions through educational and social development programs, providing children, young people and economically vulnerable youth with an opportunity. In areas where the nearest school is many kilometers away. Today there are young people who are the...

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  • Fundación Grupo Educativo María de Guadalupe

    Fundación Grupo Educativo María de Guadalupe

    Through an inclusive and innovative model, we seek to provide quality education to children and adolescents living in vulnerable contexts, so that they have the opportunity to reach their full potential and become active promoters of the improvement of their community.

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  • Fundación Grupo Sólido para la promoción de valores

    Fundación Grupo Sólido para la promoción de valores

    We want a society in which all young people have the opportunity to train to develop sustainable families that promote economic development, education and health of children, and generational equity. We are convinced that sustainable families make sustainable societies.

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  • Fundación HD Lorena Huntington

    Fundación HD Lorena Huntington

    The Foundation was created on November 13, 2014, to coincide with the world day of Huntington's disease. Being also the first Foundation Argentina dedicated to the promotion of the scientific research of pathology. Our main objective as a Foundation is to promote through economic funding scientific research aimed at getting new ...

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  • Fundación Horacio Zorraquín

    Fundación Horacio Zorraquín

    At Horacio Zorraquín Foundation we work in the educational field to promote the training and exercise of human values as a basic habit in the development of children, adolescents and educators in Argentina, focusing on the most vulnerable communities in the country. Through our programs we seek to strengthen the development of ...

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  • Fundación Huerta Niño

    Fundación Huerta Niño


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  • Fundación Huésped

    Fundación Huésped

    Huésped works in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area and carries out different prevention-related activities to promote health throughout the country. The foundation is helping in the construction of the Red Lationamericana de Jóvenes with work in HIV/AIDS.

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