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  • Asociacion de Cuidados Paliativos La Piedad

    Asociacion de Cuidados Paliativos La Piedad

    “La Piedad” Hospice is an institution that permits people in their end of life stage to find a place to be looked after and assisted in a human and integral way.

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  • Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina - AMIA

    Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina - AMIA

    We seek to promote the well-being and individual, family and institutional development of Jewish life in Argentina, to ensure continuity, sustain the values of our people and strengthen the sense of community. Strengthen the basic principles of democracy and pluralism, promoting a creative coexistence based on the particularitie...

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  • Association for the Promotion of Culture and Development.

    Association for the Promotion of Culture and Development.

    We work with the Wichí and Nivaĉlé peoples from the central-westernwest of the province of Formosa, Argentina, in order to promote andand strengthen their rights to cultural identity, territory and development, education and development, education and citizenship.

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  • Avanzar por el Desarrollo Humano

    Avanzar por el Desarrollo Humano

    Avanzar is an organization that works towards Human Development by providing microcredits, manual trades and management courses as well as health insurance through strategic allies.

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    BIENALSUR is a project from Argentina to the world. Created and developed with the support of non-profit foundations, it is an extensive platform that operates as a collaborative network.

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  • Canales Asociación Civil

    Canales Asociación Civil

    Canales designs innovative educational projects to give deaf children and adolescents the opportunity to learn and develop their maximum potential through sign language.

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  • Cardinal Newman College

    Cardinal Newman College

    The Community of Cardinal Newman College, in response to the call of Christ through the Catholic church and the charisma of Blessed Edmund Rice, founder of the Congregation of Christian Brothers, takes the commitment in accompanying youth in their achievement of a harmonious growth as persons, in relation with themselves, with G...

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  • Cáritas Argentina Comisión Nacional

    Cáritas Argentina Comisión Nacional

    We are Caritas Argentina, an organization of the Catholic Church that works to respond to the social problems arising from poverty. We are more than 40,000 volunteers in 3,500 work teams and we are in every corner of the country. We accompany individuals, families and communities in situations of exclusion and vulnerability. ...

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  • Cáritas Mar del Plata

    Cáritas Mar del Plata

    The mission of Caritas can be summarized in three different plans with its specific respective programs:- Immediate assistance to the neediest people;- Promotion of assisted people so that they can purchase their own destiny and;- Commitment for the change of the structures that generate in a constant way situations of inequalit...

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  • Cáritas San Isidro

    Cáritas San Isidro

    Our Mission is to accompany and comprehensively care for all people by promoting, encouraging, coordinating and organizing charitable ministry.

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