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Why join HelpArgentina?

HelpArgentina provides services that allow Argentine social sector organizations to expand and improve their fundraising efforts abroad and provides different service alternatives directed to the particular needs of an organization.

Since 2002 HelpArgentina has helped more than 250 Argentine social sector organizations to raise more than 25 million dollars from donors abroad.

HelpArgentina offers organizations and their supporters the following benefits:

Tax incentives for donors:  an organization can receive donations from the United States which are tax deductible for the donor, an important incentive for US based donors. It is important to note that HelpArgentina can facilitate donations from all over the world, but that currently only those donations originating in the United States are eligible for tax benefits.

International donations processing: HelpArgentina provides an efficient, secure international cash transfer infrastructure so that recipient organizations can receive donations from individuals and organizations outside of Argentina.

-    HelpArgentina offers a variety of donation methods (credit cards, wire transfers, checks, stock donations, etc.) to make transactions easy and convenient for donors.

-   Beneficiary organizations have a customized web link at www.helpargentina.org providing information about the organization projects, which links to HelpArgentina donation platform, offering donors the possibility to donate online from anywhere in the world.

-   Donations made on behalf of a non-profit organization are delivered to the organization’s bank account in Argentine pesos (ARS).

HelpArgentina offers nonprofit organizations two types of relationships based on the expected time frame of their fundraising efforts.

- The first is geared toward social organizations that wish to develop ongoing fundraising effortswithout a defined time frame. These organizations are incorporated as members in the HelpArgentina Network.

In addition to the benefits outlined above, Member Organizations also receive support services geared toward strengthening the organization’s fundraising capacity abroad. 

Also, Member Organizations benefit from efforts conducted by HelpArgentina to raise awareness and to expand the community of international donors supporting the Argentina’s social sector.

The HelpArgentina Member Network is currently comprised of more than 150 organizations.

-  The second type of relationship is designed for social organizations that need HelpArgentina’s assistance to receive a specific donation from abroad, taking advantage of HelpArgentina’s expertise and donation infrastructure. In this case, the relationship between HelpArgentina and the organizations is established for a specific time frame and terminates when the organization provides a report on the use of the funds received.


For both types of relationships HelpArgentina requires that the organizations be legally registered and that it can provide accounting information of the use of the funds received.

For more information, please contact us: organizaciones@helpargentina.org