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  • Fundación Varkey Argentina

    Fundación Varkey Argentina

    The foundation's main focuses are improving global teacher capacity by training tens of thousands of teachers and principals in developing countries; providing access to education via a variety of programmes and projects.

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  • Fundación Vida Sin Violencia

    Fundación Vida Sin Violencia

    Through an interdisciplinary team we seek to protect the physical integrity of the family and initiate a process of recovery from the exposure to violence.

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  • FUNDALEU – Fundación para Combatir la Leucemia

    FUNDALEU – Fundación para Combatir la Leucemia

    FUNDALEU, for more than 64 years, has been supporting research and helping to increase the curability rates of oncohematological diseases throughout our country and obtaining similar results to those of more developed countries.

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  • Fundasamin


    FUNDASAMIN is a space for the promotion of maternal and child health research, the encouragement of critical thinking among health professionals and support the independent researcher.

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    Fusedim es a non profit NGO aligned with the Roman Catholic Antropological Philosophy, created by a Board of Directors with the objective to set up a Home and Day Care Canter for mentally disabled individuals without families or with families unable to care for them. Its professional staff provides support, specialized care and...

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  • Futuros Profesionales Integrar

    Futuros Profesionales Integrar

    We are a foundation formed for the purposes of promoting the integration of the young people who do not have the possibility of acceding to a university or tertiary level of educationWe developed the program Integrar Agentina

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  • GAIA - Asociación Civil

    GAIA - Asociación Civil

    Gaia Association is a non profit association, founded in December 1992. Its founding mission is the promotion of sustainable societies, mainly by creating human settlements based on the practice of Permaculture systems and methods.

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  • Germinare


    Germinare works to develop the potential of youth from the least fortunate sectors of society, while also attempting to create future community leaders.

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  • Grupo Solidaridad del Espíritu Santo - GSES

    Grupo Solidaridad del Espíritu Santo - GSES

    Promote and carry out projects to improve quality of life in poor communities focusing in education, health, social development and food and nutrition. Our programmes seek to promote tertiary education and vocational training; develop entrepeneurship; enhance health prevention and child nutrition; and provide food aid to communi...

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  • Haciendo Camino

    Haciendo Camino

    Since 2006, the non-profit civil association Haciendo Camino has been working towards the improvement of the life quality of socially vulnerable families in Argentina. Our programs are mainly aimed to: • promote the growth and comprehensive development of children between 0 and 5 years of age; • accompany and train moth...

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