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Fundación Educacional San Jorge
Fundación Educacional San Jorge

Fundación Educacional San Jorge

Fundación Educacional San Jorge is a Argentine non profit organization that supports St. George’s College & St. George’s College North by providing scholarships & bursaries to deserving students of families that share the Schools’ values but cannot afford the full fees.


Contribute to support St.George’s College (Quilmes and North) and the well-being of its pupils, thereby assisting in the comprehensive development of the school according to the principles established by its Founders as well as complying with the demands of modern teaching


The Fundación’s main objective is to provide Scholarships & Bursaries to existing & new students of St.George’s College


 Scholarships & Bursaries

1) Canon R. B. Jackson Bursary: Fundación Educacional San Jorge awards bursaries to families that share the school’s ethics and values but cannot afford full school fees.

The Bursary is awarded to new students applying for entry at ESB level and meet the following requirements:
- Good academic and deportment record from previous school.
- Gain higher than average Entrance Examination results.
- Demonstrates positive personality traits and/or specific aptitudes.
- The family must provide the requested financial information.
- St.George’s College Quilmes will give special consideration to candidates applying as boarders.

2) Canon J. T. Stevenson Scholarship: for academic excellence. The Canon J.T. Stevenson scholarships are awarded by St. George’s College and Fundación Educacional San Jorge to those candidates that obtain the highest score in the entrance examinations to 7th.Year ESB and  1st.Year Polimodal respectively. Excellence in three subjects (Spanish, English Language and Mathematics) is required.

3) Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship: Fundación Educacional San Jorge annually awards one Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship to students entering 2nd. Year Polimodal 2 at St. George’s Quilmes and St.George’s College North. The candidates must be planning to study International Baccalaureate subjects leading to careers in Engineering, Sciences or Technology.

 Other programs

Donations earmarked for new buildings, improvements to existing ones, purchase of IT & laboratory equipment, text books or any other material for the school’s academic, artistic & sporting activities.

Address: Guido 800
Telephone: 11-4257-3472

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  • Old Georgian Centenary Fund Raising Drive

    Old Georgian Centenary Fund Raising Drive

    The main objective of this Fund-raising is to increase our capacity to support families who cannot afford full fees but share the school’s ethics and values that we believe are essential in today’s world.

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  • Annual Bursary

    Annual Bursary

    U$S 3.000: Average amount of an annual Bursary granted to a pupil from 7 th year ESB to 1st Year Polimodal at St. George´s College Quilmes.

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