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  • HelpArgentina Education Fund

    HelpArgentina Education Fund

    SDG 4: Quality education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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  • Hogar LeDorVaDor

    Hogar LeDorVaDor

    LeDor VaDor is a Senior Center that puts value old age providing the best care and attention they need 24 hours a day, with professional quality and warmth they deserve in this stage of life, being a real home for our elders.

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  • Hogar Maria Luisa

    Hogar Maria Luisa

    María Luisa is a foster care home that houses children whose rights have been violated, taking charge of their custody and education, so that they can be restored to a suitable family environment.

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  • Hogar San Ignacio

    Hogar San Ignacio

    The Household San Ignacio is a therapeutic community of youth addictions recovery offering to young people of low-income material resources, assistance and following-up to replace their risky behavior with abstinence and self-protection conduct.

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  • Hospice San Camilo

    Hospice San Camilo

    SCH provides Hospice Care to families and patients all across Buenos Aires City. Our vision of care is deeply rooted in the ideals of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. We care for all those who have a terminal illness and are in need. We strive to reach and serve the poorest amongst the poor, those individuals who have no one to care ...

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  • Hospital Austral

    Hospital Austral

    The Austral University Hospital and the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences together form the Academic Center of Health at the Austral University. This link is one of the most relevant characteristics of the Hospital.Teaching and investigatory elements are integral parts of clinical practice and pacient attendance. The Christian id...

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  • Hospital Britanico de Buenos Aires

    Hospital Britanico de Buenos Aires

    He Hospital British of Buenos Aires is an entity of well public constituted in the Republic Argentina as Association civil without purposes of profit, that has as end provide attention of health of high complexity to the community in its set, task to which is bound in form exclusive from makes 170 years. His only income comes fr...

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  • Instituto de Investigacion Medica Mercedes y Martin Ferreyra

    Instituto de Investigacion Medica Mercedes y Martin Ferreyra

    Ferreyra Institute is an accredited organization founded in 1948, which integrates biomedical research and quality education.

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  • Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires - ITBA

    Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires - ITBA

    Founded in 1959, by a group of Argentine Navy men, ITBA is one of the oldest and most prestigious private universities in the country. Internationally renowned for its academic quality, ITBA is among the most selective and competitive universities in Argentina. Its objetctive is to provide distinctive education in the fields of ...

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  • ISF - Asociación Civil Ingeniería Sin Fronteras Argentina

    ISF - Asociación Civil Ingeniería Sin Fronteras Argentina

    Engineering Without Borders Argentina is an interdisciplinary civil association that works for the community development of populations in situations of social vulnerability in different parts of the country through the design and implementation of participatory management engineering projects and the generation of alliances bet...

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