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  • Fundación Potenciar Solidario

    Fundación Potenciar Solidario

    Fundación Potenciar Solidario supports social organizations throughout the country in all it’s relevant aspects, in the long-term and in a free, volunteer-based scheme, to help their sustainable growth and with a social focus for the dignity of each person.

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  • Fundación Reciduca

    Fundación Reciduca

    By the end of 2001, Mr. Ernesto Kritz showed through an investigation performed on districts in the first urban belt of Greater Buenos Aires that over 80,000 people between 18 and 25 years old did not have a high school diploma This implied that they were unable to enter the labor market and, thus, they were excluded from societ...

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  • Fundación Rumbos

    Fundación Rumbos

    We are inviting those interested in working on concrete housing problems, in learning about the obstacles that need to be addressed, and in coming up with strategies to surmount them. We are currently training our first volunteers.

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  • Fundación Ruta 40

    Fundación Ruta 40

    Fundación Ruta 40 emerges as a venture from a traveling family that felt called to engage with rural Argentine communities. The mission is to contribute to the integral development and strengthening of rural schools, close to National Route 40, to promote equal educational opportunities. We generate sustainable projects with th...

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  • Fundación Temaikèn

    Fundación Temaikèn

    We work to conserve endangered species and autochthonous ecosystems, developing projects of high value for biodiversity and strengthening social commitment.

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  • Fundación Todavia es Tiempo

    Fundación Todavia es Tiempo

    Our work started on the year 1986 with a home for children in the Parish San Antonio de Padua, in the Capital City. This Home directed by Father Pablo Marcenaro and a group of young volunteers, offered homeless children, lodging, clothes, human and moral education, health care and recreation. In the year 1994 this place became H...

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  • Fundación Tzedaká

    Fundación Tzedaká

    Our mission is to protect the most vulnerable members of our community by supporting, promoting, and developing social and educational initiatives.

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  • Fundación Universidad Tres de Febrero (FUNTREF)

    Fundación Universidad Tres de Febrero (FUNTREF)

    Spread, study, promote, informe, reasearch and publish information concerning all academic disciplines and activities offered by Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero.

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  • Fundación Varkey Argentina

    Fundación Varkey Argentina

    The foundation's main focuses are improving global teacher capacity by training tens of thousands of teachers and principals in developing countries; providing access to education via a variety of programmes and projects.

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  • Fundación Vida Sin Violencia

    Fundación Vida Sin Violencia

    Through an interdisciplinary team we seek to protect the physical integrity of the family and initiate a process of recovery from the exposure to violence.

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