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  • Fundación Julio Bocca

    Fundación Julio Bocca

    The Julio Bocca’s Foundation is a non-profit institution, known as one of the first foundations to develop economic aid programs for students from all over ARGENTINA and LATIN AMERICA. These programs were made for students that want to either start or continue their academic development in the dance or musical theatre areas, h...

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  • Fundación Leer

    Fundación Leer

    The aim of Fundación Leer is to promote reading and literacy amongst children in Argentina, generating a long-lasting and positive impact in their personal development to facilitate their social inclusion.

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  • Fundación León

    Fundación León

    Tucumán without poverty: We work to reduce poverty and promote inclusion in Tucumán, Argentina.

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  • Fundación Mano Amiga

    Fundación Mano Amiga

    We are a foundation with the purposes of transFORM the life of children whose backgrounds present them serious obstacles for their development, through programs of academic excellence and integral formation to become men and women capable of finish their high-school studies and continue their university careers, Integrate the la...

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  • Fundación Manos Abiertas

    Fundación Manos Abiertas

    In Manos Abiertas we accompany and assist the neediest and most vulnerable, strengthening family ties and community networks.Education, Housing, health, social promotion, spirituality, loneliness

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  • Fundación Natali Dafne Flexer

    Fundación Natali Dafne Flexer

    The Fundación Flexer seeks that children with cancer can access adequate treatment and maintain the highest possible quality of life regardless of their socioeconomic condition or where they live.

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  • Fundación Nordelta

    Fundación Nordelta

    We are a non-profit organization founded in 2001, aimed at improving quality of life aspects of families living in vulnerable communities in the surroundings of Nordelta city. We develop and offer social programs destined to early childhood, childhood, adolescence and youth segments, under two concepts: Human Development and Com...

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  • Fundación Nutrir Salta

    Fundación Nutrir Salta

    Fundación Nutrir Salta is an NGO, based in the Province of Salta, which addresses the problem of child malnutrition from a comprehensive perspective, so that all children can display their genetic potential and have equal opportunities. We have 4 centers for the Prevention of Child Malnutrition and Human Promotion, 2 in Salta ...

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  • Fundación Obras de San José

    Fundación Obras de San José

    We are a foundation with the purposes of receiving homeless men or in extreme poverty, helping them to fulfill some of their survival needs while offering the opportunity to participate in experiences of human growth oriented towards their social promotion.

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  • Fundación Observatorio Social

    Fundación Observatorio Social

    The Social Observatory Civil Association was created in 1999, with the purpose of supporting the public sector to improve the administration of its social programs and advising companies and civil society organizations to solve problems related to social issues.Since then, we have worked in several Latin American countries, in A...

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