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Fundación Reciduca
Fundación Reciduca

Fundación Reciduca

By the end of 2001, Mr. Ernesto Kritz showed through an investigation performed on districts in the first urban belt of Greater Buenos Aires that over 80,000 people between 18 and 25 years old did not have a high school diploma This implied that they were unable to enter the labor market and, thus, they were excluded from society.A group of people, aware that the country was going through difficult times which demanded the support of every citizen, joined in the aim of seeking a solution that might mitigate the social exclusion of young people.


Reciduca Foundation supports young people at dropout risk to finish high school, expand their employment opportunities and promote environmental care.


We work around 3 interrelated areas:

- To promote high school graduation.
- To provide personal support to young people at dropout risk.

Job training:
- To introduce young people to the culture of work and the development of  working skills.
- To provide strategies to achieve a successful entry into the labor market.
- To offer training and practices in companies or organizations.
- To provide companies with labor intermediation services.
- To act as a bridge between companies and the students trained in Reciduca.

Environmental Care:
- To raise young people’s concern and commitment about environmental issues through individual and collective actions at home, school and within the neighborhood.
- To promote good environmental practices within the community providing specific ways to reduce the environmental impact of waste.
- To promote the role of a responsible and committed citizens to the environment.
- To provide the local community (neighbors, restaurants, factories) with specific ways of recycling.


 Training Program of Occupational skills

We provide tools and strategies that allow vulnerable young people to develop social and work skills to achieve a successful entry into the labor market and sustain quality jobs in time. This program prevents dropout and promotes school completion seeking to stimulate students who are in their last two years of high school. We seek to help students with the school-to-work transition offering job training out of school hours to introduce young people to the culture of work and to improve their employability. It is focused on three main fields: study, job training and environmental care.

 Hydroponics productive and educational project

It is part of the educational practices of the Training Program in Occupational skills. We provide a learning space for high school students for 16-20 years, in social vulnerability and risk of dropout. Young participants develop job skills while they learn about the process of growing and marketing of products in a school that is self-financing with harvested.

 Employment Service

Your first job: We provide companies with labor intermediation services, acting as a bridge between them and the students trained in Reciduca. We assist young people to get their first employment while we provide companies with a shortlist of committed and motivated candidates, coordination and monitoring.

 Tertiary Education

Students interested in continuing with their tertiary education are awarded with a grant and are monitored every fifteen days.

 An Empty Bottle, a Crowded Classroom

Bottle recycling generates economic resources to help young people finish high school.

 Recovery of Packaging Material

A solution to the companies’ waste such as cardboard, paper and plastic film which then are recycled with the purpose of generating resources to fund our educational programs.

 Recycling oil to educate

Waste vegetable oil is collected from restaurants of the northern districts of Greater Buenos Aires for biodiesel production. This transformation generates funds to continue financing the participation of young people in the Training Centre.

Address: Diego Palma 819
San Isidro
Telephone: 11 4723-6564

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  • Employment Service: Your First Job

    Employment Service: Your First Job

    Reciduca counts with a database of young people certified on job skills who have participated on the training program for 2 years. Having a wide knowledge about the candidates, Reciduca acts as intermediary between companies and young people.

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  • Hydroponics Productive And Educational Project

    Hydroponics Productive And Educational Project

    The project educativo-productivo of culture hydroponic, is framed within the practices educational of the program of training in skills labour (PFCL). The same is carries forward in a space lent in bailed by 3 years located in the Racecourse of San Isidro and includes the opening of a nursery that cultivates vegetables through the system of NFT of hydroponics.

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  • Training Program In Occupational Skills

    Training Program In Occupational Skills

    In alliance with high schools, we provide vulnerable young people with opportunities and tools for their education, job training and employment.

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