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  • Patronato de la Infancia

    Patronato de la Infancia

    Every day, Patronato works hard to provide a high-quality education to the students in a healthy environment. It also brings them resources and educational tools to improve their lives. Besides educational aspects, we design projects related to public health, moral values and we provide the students with social assistance.

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  • PIBES - Fundación Por Igualdad, Bienestar, Educación y Salud

    PIBES - Fundación Por Igualdad, Bienestar, Educación y Salud

    The Foundation For equality, welfare, education and health (P.I.B.E.S.) was born of particular interest to organize towards providing a contribution to the situation of children and adolescents of our country in conditions of social vulnerability and their families.

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  • Portal para la Inversión Social en Latinoamérica

    Portal para la Inversión Social en Latinoamérica

    PILAS is your transparent and secure portal to invest in Latin America’s social sector.We have been working with donors for 20 years, helping them reach more than 250 CSOs in Argentina.

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  • Proyecto Educar 2050

    Proyecto Educar 2050

    Educar 2050 is an organization that works to improve education in Argentina. Its vision is that we may be amongst the best in the world before 2050. To do so, we work with a focus on quality and equity, joining efforts, through research, communication and promoting dialogue amongst authorities, citizenship, organizations and sev...

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  • Puerta 18

    Puerta 18

    Puerta 18 is a nonprofit that offers a variety of free ICT courses, encourages vocational learning, provides networking opportunities, fosters artistic expression, incubates small youth enterprises, and provides the tools needed to reduce the school dropout rate and consequently increase job opportunities for young people.

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  • RAP - Red de Acción Política

    RAP - Red de Acción Política

    RAP (Red de Acción Política) is a non-partisan, pluralist NGO that promotes Civic Friendship between politicians from different parties. The organization carries out consensus building activities with politicians in order to reach agreements in critical issues for Argentina. RAP focuses in areas such as sustainable and inclusi...

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  • Red Argentina de Bancos de Alimentos

    Red Argentina de Bancos de Alimentos

    The Argentina Food Banks Network (REDBdA) is a non-profit civil association made up of 25 Food Banks in Argentina. Food Banks contribute to reducing hunger, malnutrition and food waste in the country, rescuing, in a safe and traceable, food suitable for human consumption before it is discarded, in order to distribute it among or...

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  • Redes Solidarias

    Redes Solidarias

    It Foundation networks solidarity was born thanks to the Association of good wills, beings United to act without purposes of profit as a bridge of helps between them more needy and who can and want to help them. From 1996 carries helps to them communities indigenous isolated of the Chaco salteño in the municipality of Santa Vic...

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  • SACS | Send A Child to School

    SACS | Send A Child to School

    SACS is an all-volunteer organization in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our current mission is to provide responsible students in vulnerable contexts, with a scholarships to allow them pursue secondary, tertiary and university studies.

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  • Sales


    Fundación SALES provides grants for scientific and technological research and cultural projects. It also carries out Knowledge Economy projects in cooperation with the United Nations, of which it is a consulting member.

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