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Fundación Huésped
Fundación Huésped

Fundación Huésped

Huésped works in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area and carries out different prevention-related activities to promote health throughout the country. The foundation is helping in the construction of the Red Lationamericana de Jóvenes with work in HIV/AIDS.


We are an organization argentina that, from 1989, works intensely in the fight against the AIDS, not only as disease biological of transmission between the people, but as an important problematic social that requires of the existence of an environment community right for them people that live with the virus HIV.


Achieve an adequate access to information and education for prevention to form a social conscience committed and supportive.
- Encourage research and continuous updating of professionals related to the area of the health.
- Improving the availability of social services and health for those who need them, including social and political protection against prejudice and discrimination.


- Participate in scientific projects in the area of new therapeutic resources and epidemiological aspects, psychosocial and human related to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
- Develop projects aimed at the promotion of health through the development of comprehensive prevention strategies, aimed at the general population and targeted at vulnerable groups.
- Design and develop public so that campaigns information about HIV / AIDS reaches all , in a clear, simple and effective.
- Way offer support and services to people living with HIV: visits to hospitals, free legal and psychological care and support for the cherubs home that houses children affected by the epidemic.
- Organize symposia scientific international and continuous medical and paramedical training.

Address: Pasaje Angel Peluffo 3932
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Telephone: 11 4981 7777

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