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Fundación INECO para la Investigación en Neurociencias Cognitivas
Fundación INECO para la Investigación en Neurociencias Cognitivas

Fundación INECO para la Investigación en Neurociencias Cognitivas

The INECO Foundation supports research programs aimed at understanding the neurobiological bases of the most complex brain processes and promotes academic projects aimed at improving the prevention, detection and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

MISSION: To promote scientific research in neurosciences, the academic training of professionals and education and awareness in the community about brain function, neurological and psychiatric diseases.


-Objective: Scientific Research is the fundamental pillar of the INECO Foundation. The goal is to study the human mind and transmit those findings to society.
-Description: The institution conducts research of international relevance in order to increase and deepen the understanding that exists about the functioning of the brain and mental illnesses.
-Target Population: The INECO Foundation's work is transversal to the whole society.
-Where takes place: The INECO Foundation laboratories are located in CABA, but research and scientific work is carried out, on many occasions, in different towns of the Argentine territory.

*Training and Education
-Objective: Workshops dictated online and provided by INECO professionals with the aim of training health professionals in neurology, neuropsychiatry and neuropsychology.
-Description: The institution holds numerous monthly worhshops for health professionals on the core themes of the institution. Since its inception to date, more than 2,200 professionals have attended these courses.
-Target Population: Helth professionals.
-Where takes place: The Foundation is located in CABA. The courses are online and professionals from all over the world can attend them.

-Objective: Fundación INECO carries out numerous activities aimed at the community to informing and increasing social awareness about the general functioning of the brain, neurological and psychiatric problems, their prevention, and their treatment.
-Description: The institution gives talks to the community, workshops for relatives of people with neurological and neurpsychiatric diseases and awareness campaigns.
-Target Population: The activities are aimed at the general population.
-Where takes place: The Foundation is located in CABA. Most of the activities are carried out online so the scope is regional.

Address: Pacheco de Melo 1860 - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Phone: 011-5811-3887

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