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Fundación Natali Dafne Flexer
Fundación Natali Dafne Flexer

Fundación Natali Dafne Flexer

The Fundación Flexer seeks that children with cancer can access adequate treatment and maintain the highest possible quality of life regardless of their socioeconomic condition or where they live.

Promote the access of the child sick of cancer to the treatment proper, in time and form, and provide, to it and to his family, the best conditions of support and care.


- Serve them needs psychosocial of the child sick of cancer and their family along the different stages of the disease.
- Facilitate the access to the resources that allow the continuity of the treatment in time and form.
- Offer information of utility about different aspects related with the disease and its treatment.
- Defend the rights of the child sick of cancer.
- Promote the improvement in the quality of attention in those centres assistance of all the country.


- Containment emotional
- Support treatment and Social assistance
- Advocacy
- Recreation
- Informational-educational
- Network of support
- Broadcasting

Address: Mansilla 3125
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Telephone: 11-4825-5333 / 11-6120-2608

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  • #ChefsEnSuCasa | Solidarity Dinner

    #ChefsEnSuCasa | Solidarity Dinner

    The total amount from our event will be used to support the services that we provide for free to more than 1500 children with cancer each month.

    How much would you like to donate in U$S?