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Fundación exACTa (cheLA)
Fundación exACTa (cheLA)

Fundación exACTa (cheLA)

CheLA is a Buenos Aires research center dedicated to experimentation with converging forms of art and technology, and exploring the potential impact on Latin American cultures (i.e., CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY and COMMUNITY). It is defined as a collaborative exchange environment promoting interaction and cooperation between multidisciplinary artists, social workers, technologists and community organizations.

MISSION: Fundación exACTa, cheLA’s parent organization, a) promotes and disseminates all forms of technological art; b) integrates from the technological exploration the different manifestations of art, such as, but not limited to, plastic, sculpture, music, theater, dance, performance, literature, installation, photography and audiovisual media; c) develops pedagogical and training activities related to technological tools and their creative processes for artistic expression; d) encourages research in the field of technological art as essential to the development of modern and comprehensive aesthetics; e) promotes critical thinking, through art, in the community about the impact technology has on culture; f) promotes and interacts with other foundations and/or nonprofit institutions with common objectives in order to develop artistic activities.


*CheLA (Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano)
-Objective: Program focused on the themes of culture, community and technology.  An environment for research, and experimentation, with the aim of generating new cultural perspectives through interdisciplinary activities. To provide access to cultural production to marginalized communities.
-Description: Research, experimentation, training, production and exhibition of innovative cultural experiences; An extensive residence program for cultural research, experimentation and exhibition.
-Target population: Artists, cultural programmers, technologists, programmers, social workers from Argentina and Latin America in particular, seeking international collaborations with the rest of the world. The people and the community organizations of the southern sector of the city of Buenos Aires.
-Where takes place: Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

-Objective: Program of exploration and promotion, of the bicycle as a tool for personal and collective empowerment and transformation. Platform for initiatives related to urban planning and sustainable and healthy mobility.
-Description: Creative processes and cultural participatory experiences focusing on mobility, urbanism and sustainability and how citizens connect with their environments.
-Target population: Community in general. Also, artists, technologists, programmers, designers, among other cultural actors.
-Where takes place: Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Address: Iguazú 451, Parque Patricios, (1437) - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Phone: +54 11 4912 3581

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