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Fundación Fundacava
Fundación Fundacava

Fundación Fundacava

Fundacava Foundation´s mission is to support economically and professionally all pastoral activities of the Church Nuestra Señora de La Cava in the diocese of San Isidro, province of Buenos Aires..

The Church´s most important project is the Santo Domingo Savio School which offers education and two daily meals to more than 1100 children and teens living in La Cava slum, in precarious houses, with very poor sanitary conditions and exposed to high degrees of violence, crime and drug addiction.

The School offers Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary education. In view of the important deficiencies that people suffer in La Cava, our mission is to offer quality education so that our students can accede to a situation of equal opportunities.

Based on evangelical values, we educate in diversity, taking into account the special needs of each child, helping them become aware of their personal dignity and giving them the tools that will permit their participation in society as honourable citizens.

Address: Alvarado 1400
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Telephone:+5411 4575-4212

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  • Orquesta Juvenil La Cava

    Orquesta Juvenil La Cava

    Orquesta Juvenil La Cava was founded in 2017 in the Nuestra Señora de La Cava Parish, in Béccar, Province of Buenos Aires, with the aim that children and young people from the La Cava shantytown have the opportunity to connect with music and generate a sense of belonging to a group. ¡Donate U$25 and a child will participate in 4 rehearsals! @orquestajuvenil_lacava

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  • The coast House

    The coast House

    very summer groups of children, teens and adults visit La Casa de la Costa, located in La Lucila del Mar, Buenos Aires. It is called the house of dreams because there the dream of knowing the sea is fulfilled. The house has space for 40 people and a large park surrounded by a pine forest. Every summer, between December and March about 800 people visit the house. We want to improve the facilities of the house (bathrooms, kitchen and heating). For this we need your financial support. With your contribution of U$20 a teenager will be able to fulfill the dream of knowing the sea!

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  • Scholarship Program – Santo Domingo Savio School

    Scholarship Program – Santo Domingo Savio School

    The Scholarship Program seeks to finance some educational projects that are already successfully under way, add others in our efforts to support quality education and also cover an important part of our maintenance costs of building and administrative personnel.

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