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  • Asociación Civil Por los Chicos

    Asociación Civil Por los Chicos

    Hello! We are an NGO without political or religious affiliations that works to improve the quality of life of girls and boys in vulnerable situations in Argentina. Por Los Chicos is, first and foremost, a group of people who one day decided to help those who need it most. We are a civil association without political or religio...

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  • Asociación Civil RESPONDE

    Asociación Civil RESPONDE

    Responde is a Non-Governmental Promotion and Development that has his eye on regional imbalances, migration of villagers to cities that do not contain them, and waste of economic resources, cultural and social conditions in each small town.

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  • Asociación Civil Universidad del CEMA

    Asociación Civil Universidad del CEMA

    We trace back our origins to 1978 when a group of leading Argentine businessmen founded the Centro de Estudios Macroeconómicos (CEMA). In 1995 we became Universidad del CEMA (UCEMA). Our mission is to educate the country’s future leaders in business, humanities, government and academia with a unique philosophy that is based ...

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  • Asociación Civil Vergel

    Asociación Civil Vergel

    Vergel is an NGO that works to interweave art, health and education. Through the implementation of artistic programs, training, research and communication actions, we promote the importance of art as a complementary tool to medical treatments, for a holistic and humanized approach to health.

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  • Asociación Conciencia

    Asociación Conciencia

    We are a civil society organization, based in Argentina, non-partisan and non-profit. We work to encourage people to own their lives and projects and transform their surroundings and communities, by fostering their abilities and skills.​

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  • Asociación de Amigos de Jardín de María

    Asociación de Amigos de Jardín de María

    Form the year 2010 we have been working to improve the life conditions of children and their families who live in extreme poverty in the city of Villaguay and neighbouring areas. Our main working areas are the prevention of infant malnutrition, the growth and strengthening of their own abilities, and a holistic education, so tha...

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    ACAS is an organization that builds schools in the border areas of Argentina and provides them with permanent assistance in the form of scholarships, donations and education and health promotion campaigns. The 25 clubs which integrate ACAS also organize solidarity actions in their respective communities.

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  • Asociacion de Cuidados Paliativos La Piedad

    Asociacion de Cuidados Paliativos La Piedad

    “La Piedad” Hospice is an institution that permits people in their end of life stage to find a place to be looked after and assisted in a human and integral way.

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  • Avanzar por el Desarrollo Humano

    Avanzar por el Desarrollo Humano

    Avanzar is an organization that works towards Human Development by providing microcredits, manual trades and management courses as well as health insurance through strategic allies.

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  • Banco de Alimentos | NEW DEPOSIT

    Banco de Alimentos | NEW DEPOSIT

    Banco de Alimentos helps to reduce hunger, improve nutrition and prevent food waste.Today, to address the growing problem of hunger in our country, we need a new reservoir that will allow us to help more people by receiving and delivering more food donations.

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