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Asociación Civil Monte Adentro
Asociación Civil Monte Adentro

Asociación Civil Monte Adentro

Monte Adentro has been working since 2015 to achieve equitable social development and revitalize rural culture in the province of Chaco (Argentina) along with its schools, trades, customs and values, promoting family and regional economies.

MISSION: Promote the integral development of the marginalized rural communities located in Chaco (Argentina) through social and community projects that achieve the genuine rights and aspirations of families, as a result of community ties, participation and integration.


Education & Sports

Our Goals: 1. Prevent school dropout. 2. Generate new spaces for integration and learning. 3. Reinforce the educational trajectories of the beneficiaries.
Description: Spaces and school support classes taught by licensed teachers to reinforce the learning of each student. Generation of a network of sports schools and provision of sports classes, to promote physical education and cooperative learning.
Target population: 450 students between 6 and 18 years old, in a state of socio-economic vulnerability.

Health & Wellness

Goals: 1. Improve the rural health system. 2. Encourage each individual to play an active role in their health. 3. Preserve early childhood health and nutrition.
Description: Inauguration of community health posts. Periodic medical attention to children and adults. Nutritional care for children in early childhood (0 to 5 years). Health workshops for women.
Target population: 200 adults and 300 children under 5 years of age in vulnerable situations.

Crafts and entrepreneurship

Goals: 1. Generate a genuine income for each family. 2. Empowering the role of rural women. 3. Generate jobs and economic development.
Description: Dictation of trade workshops and training in sewing, gastronomy, orchards and crafts. Creation of the “Manos del Monte” brand.
Target population: 200 women in a state of social and economic vulnerability, without work or secondary education.

Community Strengthening

Goals: 1. Generation of committees and neighborhood associations. 2. Advance towards the development of infrastructure in each rural area. 3. Generate greater opportunities in the communities.
Description: Formation of neighborhood groups or associations with their own community leaders. Construction of safe water collection tanks. Construction of community rooms and digital posts with internet connection.
Target population: More than 3000 members of the 20 rural communities that we support.


E-Mail: institucional@monteadentro.org

Phone: 54 9 11-6745-6129

Web Site: www.monteadentro.org 

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  • Rural Youth Scholarship - Prevent school dropout in Chaco

    Rural Youth Scholarship - Prevent school dropout in Chaco

    Through this initiative we seek that 29 young people can access better educational opportunities, regularize and finish their secondary studies in rural areas in the north of the province of Chaco.

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