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  • Advancing the human development

    Advancing the human development

    Avanzar is an organization that works towards Human Development by providing microcredits, manual trades and management courses as well as health insurance through strategic allies.

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  • Association for the rights civil-ADC

    Association for the rights civil-ADC

    The Association for Civil Rights (ADC) is a non-partisan and non- profit NGO. It was created in 1995 by a group of lawyers and according to its by-laws, it was established as a non-profit civil entity and domiciled in the City of Buenos Aires.

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  • Center for the implementation of public policies for equity and growth - CIPPEC

    Center for the implementation of public policies for equity and growth - CIPPEC

    CIPPEC (Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth) is an independent, partisan and non-profit organization that works to create a just, democratic and efficient State that improves the quality of life for all Argentine citizens. Thus, it concentrates its efforts in analyzing and promoting publi...

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  • Fundación Franciscana

    Fundación Franciscana

    The encounter with the other: we believe in people. We create community, working in dialogue, closeness and commitment to each other. The Foundation creates growth opportunities for all.A comprehensive quality service: we value education and quality of service. The comprehensive approach includes projects that offer social promo...

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  • Fundación Grano de Mostaza (GDM)

    Fundación Grano de Mostaza (GDM)

    Fundación Grano de Mostaza promotes integration and social inclusion in equal conditions through educational and social development programs, providing children, young people and economically vulnerable youth with an opportunity. In areas where the nearest school is many kilometers away. Today there are young people who are the...

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  • Fundación León

    Fundación León

    To live 100 years. Created in 2003, Fundación León is a tribute to Mr. León Feler, an Argentine entrepreneur who recently celebrated his 100th birthday. In the 70s, Don León started to volunteer anonymously in one of the public hospitals of Tucumán, Argentina. Fundación León seeks to spread and promote Feler’s life exam...

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  • Fundación Pro Alvear

    Fundación Pro Alvear

    Foundation Pro-Alvear was born in the year 2003 through the creation of a center of training community in Mayor Alvear, today have arrived to 38 locations and accompanied to 45 institutions, "with a clear vocation of get with message sound to all the province of the Pampa".

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  • HelpArgentina


    HelpArgentina is a nonprofit organization that promotes international social investment in Argentina since 2003. Our goal is to strengthen the nonprofits that work to create a social change in Argentina, by increasing confidence in the Argentina social sector and promoting the culture of giving among the inhabitants of our natio...

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  • Hospital Britanico de Buenos Aires

    Hospital Britanico de Buenos Aires

    He Hospital British of Buenos Aires is an entity of well public constituted in the Republic Argentina as Association civil without purposes of profit, that has as end provide attention of health of high complexity to the community in its set, task to which is bound in form exclusive from makes 170 years. His only income comes fr...

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  • Nuestras Huellas

    Nuestras Huellas

    “Nuestras Huellas” is a not-for-profit organisation, which has been working within the suburban communities to the north of Greater Buenos Aires since 2007, establishing and strengthening a socially shared economy in these areas.“Nuestras Huellas” has learnt that when people are linked through these sharing mechanisms i...

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