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Cáritas Argentina Comisión Nacional
Cáritas Argentina Comisión Nacional

Cáritas Argentina Comisión Nacional

We are Caritas Argentina, an organization of the Catholic Church that works to respond to the social problems arising from poverty. We are more than 40,000 volunteers in 3,500 work teams and we are in every corner of the country. We accompany individuals, families and communities in situations of exclusion and vulnerability. We provide them with spiritual support and concrete tools so that, by their own means, they are able to transform their reality.

Our mission is to encourage, coordinate and organize the charitable pastoral of the Church in Argentina, seeking to generate and provide comprehensive responses to the problems of poverty from the values of dignity, justice and solidarity. To evangelize social relations, promoting solidarity awareness and inviting society as a whole to meet in the action of sharing and thus build a more just and peaceful reality.

Looking for the true dignity of man, Caritas focuses on three key moments to carry out its mission:

Assistance: Form of animating charity that consists in giving answers to the minimum needs or emergency situations of the poorest communities.

The challenge is not only to provide food or shelter, but also to accompany families and be a gateway to listen, contain, organize and plan tasks that stimulate human promotion.

Human promotion: Seeks to modify, improve and bring about changes that improve the living conditions of the poorest. It requires incorporating people in the search for solutions to their problems together with others.

This moment is less immediate in its effects but more durable, which requires work from the planning with the person and the community. A process of integral human development must be promoted that fosters the joint development of qualities, capacities, possibilities and resources of people, so that they can act in an autonomous and committed manner and be active protagonists in the construction of the common good of the community to which they belong.

For this reason, formation, organization and community promotion are fundamental and complementary tasks.

Transforming Charity: The Church, from the search for a world of brothers and sisters, aims to transform the unjust structures of sin and produce changes in the whole of society to bring us closer to God's Project.

To promote the animation of transforming charity is to encourage reflection and the formation of social conscience, accompanying actions that allow to go from inhabitants to citizens.


**HelpArgentina is the chapter of Portal for Investment in the Latin American Social Sector (PILAS) focused on Argentina. PILAS is registered in New York as a nonprofit under article 501(c.3) of the U.S. tax code (EIN 550790450). As such, donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Address: Balcarce 236 - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: 011-6091-0300


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  • Annual Collection

    Annual Collection

    "Your solidarity is hope"

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  • Diocesan Caritas of San Miguel

    Diocesan Caritas of San Miguel

    At the Diocesan Caritas of San Miguel we are committed to the transformation and full and integral development of our brothers and sisters and their communities, supporting those who need it most. We want to invite you to be part of this transformation.

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  • Solar photovoltaic system

    Solar photovoltaic system

    Solar photovoltaic system for “Our Lady of the Guard” diocesan school in Neuquén Argentina

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  • Habitat


    Add your donation that the families who are in need can build a home that will allow them to project a future with more opportunities.

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  • Social and Solidarity Economy

    Social and Solidarity Economy

    Support us with your donation so that we can keep responding to situations of vulnerability and unemployment through community processes.

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    Add yourself to help our young people find in the parish clubs a space for recreation, accompaniment and containment.

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    We aim to respond to the educational needs of communities, families and individuals for the fulfillment of this basic right in vulnerable populations. We work with children, youth and adults, and with pregnant women and their children between 0 and 5 years old.

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  • Food Response

    Food Response

    The program's objective is to provide nutritional care to vulnerable communities, serving low-income families in vulnerable communities, with a special focus on children and pregnant women.

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    The program involves the creation of a network for the prevention and assistance of people in situations of problematic substance use, in order to achieve their full social reintegration. We accompany the lives of men, women, youth and children with addictions who live in vulnerable communities.

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