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AFULIC - Amigos de la Fundación Leloir y otras instituciones para la Investigación contra el Cáncer
AFULIC - Amigos de la Fundación Leloir y otras instituciones para la Investigación contra el Cáncer

Program Details

Let's help Argentine scientists move forward in the development of state of the art cancer medicines

The scientists of the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Therapy of the Leloir Institute, led by Dr. Osvaldo Podhajcer, managed to engineer adenoviruses (that can usually cause cold, respiratory infections, conjunctivitis) in a way that viruses can detect malignant cells, and specifically infect  and destroy them without damaging healthy cells.

The LMCT is producing oncolytic viruses specifically targeted to different tumor types. Among the first indications were ovary cancer and melanoma but the group diverted their interest to different gastrointestinal cancer types. Latest developments included the combination of stem cells as viruses carriers and the use of proprietary camelid antibodies for cells retargeting. The group is interested in targeting disseminated diseases.

We at AFULIC support the LMCT since 2002. We are proud that we are able to collect XXXX USD to support the LMCT research. We are a link between those who would like to support the research with the Leloir Institute, where the lab is based.

Learn in detail the work of Dr. Podhajcer and his team: 




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