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Fundación Leer
Fundación Leer

Program Details

Reading 2020. A project for children to read more and better!

Since the 90s, education system in Argentina has been deteriorating, arriving today to an important crisis. Children from low-income families are at especially high risk for reading failure.  This program tries to respond to the needs of the remote Elementary School N°428 in Santa Fe that decided to work on reading promotion but to do so they need books available for children and an effective methodology that will bring them closer to the proposed objective.

Educating children to become readers is a problem that concerns society as a whole.

To dominate and be able to use language effectively, critically and powerfully in every communicative situation is a fundamental aspect of participation in society.

The learning process of students is developed in school, though it is not only sustained here but also in the family and community. Each one of these fields produces and spreads knowledge and experiences related to children and learning.

The intention is that the experiences don’t come to an end, but they sign up for and take on more and in this way will be able to improve.

Each children participating in the program will have to read ten titles at home and ten in different settings in the school.

By doing so, the program contributes to the children’s training with a view to become autonomous, enthusiastic and motivated readers for the rest of their life.

This program provides the school with 4 backpacks with all the material needed for the implementation of the project. In each backpack, the school will find:

-       30 Books that will match children’s age, with a diversity of thematic, author and genre. ·      

-       4 Posters for the classrooms


76 children and their families, teachers, the community.

Program Objectives

-  Strengthen the formation of children as autonomous readers

-  Widen and diversify the experiences of reading in the children’s journeys

-  Proposing significant reading activities to the children

-  Create a climate that enhance literacy development in the whole school

-  Make aware the importance of reading in the general development of the children involved          and create an alliance between the schools and the families.


The Province of Santa Fe is located in northeastern Argentina, the region with the highest poverty rate in the country (43.5% according to INDEC 2020 statistics). According to UNICEF, 1/3 of elementary school students do not reach satisfactory levels in social sciences, mathematics and language. According to data from the Ministry of Education, 58% of 16-year-old students do not reach a satisfactory level in language; which means that they finish school without being able to understand a basic text. The low level of literacy in the province, limits the possibilities of its inhabitants to find a well-paid job that allows them to get out of poverty.

School localization:

The school is located in the town of Cayastá, a rural area 82 km away from the Capital of the Province. It has a population of 4500 inhabitants. It is fundamentally a fishing town where many artisanal fishermen practice their trade. These fishermen mostly have their homes along the coast, as well as their moorings for canoes or floating docks in the flood season.

In this remote place, schools often have many needs, including attractive new children's books to get kids excited about reading.

The school has a PreK literacy project called “Drawn Stories” in which the kindergarten children work together with the 1st. grade students and teachers. That project was very useful during the months of the lockdown, but they know that they could work much better if they had new books to offer to the children.

Providing children and young people with opportunities to develop literacy and reading skills is important to their success in school and in the future their success in life.

Your donation can make a difference on these children’s life!


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