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  • Fundación IWO

    Fundación IWO

    IWO Foundation preserves the largest documentary collection on the history of immigration and the languages of the Jewish people constructing spaces for creativity, the study, intergenerational communication and the encounter between cultures.

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  • Fundación Julio Bocca

    Fundación Julio Bocca

    The Julio Bocca’s Foundation is a non-profit institution, known as one of the first foundations to develop economic aid programs for students from all over ARGENTINA and LATIN AMERICA. These programs were made for students that want to either start or continue their academic development in the dance or musical theatre areas, h...

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  • Fundación para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura

    Fundación para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura

    Promotion, development, and improvement of the individual and the community through education, science, and culture.

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  • Fundación por el Desarrollo Comunitario San Andrés

    Fundación por el Desarrollo Comunitario San Andrés

    We develop community in vulnerable populations, focusing our actions in early childhood and articulating with public and private organizations.

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  • GAIA - Asociación Civil

    GAIA - Asociación Civil

    Gaia Association is a non profit association, founded in December 1992. Its founding mission is the promotion of sustainable societies, mainly by creating human settlements based on the practice of Permaculture systems and methods.

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  • LA'PAI Permacultura, Naturopatia & Alimentación

    LA'PAI Permacultura, Naturopatia & Alimentación

    We are an NGO that works on three activities: Permaculture, Alimentation and Naturopathy. We connect seekers with specialists, in order to develop, teach and spread ideas, and projects that bring us closer to alternative ways to the challenges of our current life system. We seek to transform these challenges into possibilities, ...

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  • Meta Tucumana
  • Obra del Padre Mario Pantaleo

    Obra del Padre Mario Pantaleo

    Mission: “To promote human development in González Catán through a model of charitable redistribution, excellence management, and service quality”.

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  • Portal para la Inversión Social en Latinoamérica

    Portal para la Inversión Social en Latinoamérica

    PILAS is your transparent and secure portal to invest in Latin America’s social sector.We have been working with donors for 20 years, helping them reach more than 250 CSOs in Argentina.

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  • Puerta 18

    Puerta 18

    Puerta 18 is a nonprofit that offers a variety of free ICT courses, encourages vocational learning, provides networking opportunities, fosters artistic expression, incubates small youth enterprises, and provides the tools needed to reduce the school dropout rate and consequently increase job opportunities for young people.

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