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CILSA - Centro de Integración Libre y Solidario de Argentina
CILSA - Centro de Integración Libre y Solidario de Argentina

CILSA - Centro de Integración Libre y Solidario de Argentina

CILSA’s main purpose is to promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities and people belonging to marginalized sectors of society, such as children and teenagers in a state of social vulnerability.


Defeat ideological barriers to get a society that does not discriminate or marginalize, giving all individuals equal opportunities for their development.


- Create awareness in the community about the importance of building an inclusive society and promoting their active participation.
- Improve the quality of life of people with disabilities with the delivery of an orthopedic device that facilitate their mobility.
- Provide stability and work for the rights of children from low-incomes families.
- Bring to the people with disabilities the opportunity to access to a superior academic formation,  a professional training and the knowledge of technology  tools,  promoting their social and work inclusion.
- Promote the development of sports and recreational activities as a way of social inclusion.


National Program of Delivery of Orthopedic Devices

A project carried out across the whole country to supply free wheel chairs and other orthopedic devices (such as crutches, walking frames, Canadian walking sticks, white and green walking sticks and tripods) to people with disabilities, most of them children, in a state of social vulnerability.


National Awareness Program

Since 1997, CILSA has been working throughout the country to raise awareness in society about the importance of inclusion. To this end, it works on different fronts via projects, showcases and awareness workshops.


National Scholarship and Opportunities Program

Since the year 2010, CILSA has brought forth the National Scholarship and Opportunities Program (Programa Nacional de Becas y Oportunidades) with the end of promoting educational, social and work inclusion for people with disabilities and in a state of social vulnerability.


Sports and recreation National Program

CILSA has promoted the development of recreational activities and sports as a means of social inclusion for people with disabilities, promoting stimulation and assessment of skills, enhancing functional capacity, will and character.

“One child, one future” National Program

Has functioned since 2001, uninterruptedly, with the goal of promoting child rights by creating a place of belonging and integrative learning. Each year, over 1,000 children attend daily to CILSA’s grounds in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Mendoza, Rosario and Santa Fe.


Address: San José 165
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Telephone: 0810-777 9999

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