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APAER - AsociaciĆ³n Civil Padrinos de Alumnos y Escuelas Rurales
APAER - AsociaciĆ³n Civil Padrinos de Alumnos y Escuelas Rurales

Program Details

Scholarships Program - ANNUAL

The goal of the Scholarships Program is to ensure that rural students remain in the school system by completing the primary and secondary cycles, and, eventually, a faculty or university degree. 
The scholarship allows the donor to accompany a student in their studies, helping them to have the essential elements like food, clothes and school supplies.
The program was born in 2003 and, thanks to the support of private donors, foundations and private companies, today it has more than 550 scholarship holders.
Each scholarship represents an opportunity and an incentive to continue studying.
- The donor collaborates and commits to a financial contribution, receiving periodical reports from APAER on the performance of the student.
- APAER works as the nexus and logistical support of the program. The students and their families commit to remain in the educational system.
- The headmasters and local referents are responsible for monitoring the students and submit to APAER the documentation and reports of each of them.
It can be supported monthly with 15 USD or an annual payment of 180 USD.
The annual scholarship corresponds to the current year, in this case 2022, regardless of the month that is paid (either January or December).

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