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LA'PAI Permacultura, Naturopatia & Alimentación
LA'PAI Permacultura, Naturopatia & Alimentación

Program Details

Alimentation as the daily medicine – Alimentation Area

The goal is to educate about the importance of food in our health. Through classes, consultations and seminars we bring information about how to eat healthy, what does our body needs to be strong and healthy, how to choose what we are going to eat, how to process those foods to nourish our body, and how, managing the ecosystem following the patterns and behavior of nature, we get as a result healthy food.

-       Seminars, classes and consultations to understand food in the different stages of life (childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, adulthood, old age)

-       Seminar, classes and consultations to understand contemporary diseases and understand how to treat them

-     Gastronomic clases to understand how to cook in a efficient way

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