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LA'PAI Permacultura, Naturopatia & AlimentaciĆ³n
LA'PAI Permacultura, Naturopatia & AlimentaciĆ³n

Program Details

Smoke transformed in Hummus - Regenerative Agriculture Area

We seek to generate a local network of organic waste collection of all activities in the area for the generation of substrates for cultivation (mulch, humus and its derivatives) and for construction (bales, adobes, straw formwork, etc). In suburban and rural areas the management of braches, green garbage and pruning, as a consequence of the actions of daily life, is a big problem, added to the lack of education, awareness of the inhabitants and a poor collection, separation and recycling system or nonexistent, results in multiple degenerative consequences for the environment and its inhabitants. LA'PAI needs a mulching machine or chipper, bobcat, a bio-digester and construction materials (wood, wire, shades, shovel, etc.) to start this project.

-       Awareness of the real environmental damage of burning (plastic, leafs, prunnigs)

-       Awareness of fire hazards in low-rainfall seasons

Reuse a resource efficiently, reinserting it into the ecosystem

-       Circular economy and system. The discard of a system is a usuful material for another system.

-     Job opportunities

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