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Fundación Bunge y Born
Fundación Bunge y Born

Fundación Bunge y Born

The Fundación Bunge y Born focuses on the development of new, scalable and evidence-based solutions to contribute to the well-being of individuals and the society at large.

MISSION: We focus our effort on developing innovative, scalable and evidence-based solutions in four specific areas: education, science, culture and public health. In addition to developing our own projects, we promote scientific and technological research and formation of human capital through awards, subsidies and scholarships.


EPI Rural
-Objectives: Guarantee the integral development and the promotion and protection of children’s rights, from 45 days to four years old that live in vulnerable environments.
-Description: We carried out a feasibility study for the implementation of early childhood spaces in rural environments to evaluate if Argentine rural communities meet minimum standards for the installation of an EPI and if they were viable in terms of demand.
-Target population: Children in Argentina.
-Where takes place: Argentina.

EJE – Space to Meet and Play
-Objectives: We are interested in promoting the habit of shared play between the adult in charge of the child and the child, generating transferable evidence in the field of public policy.
-Description: Together with other social organisations, we are developing a modern and healthy recreational space in vulnerable neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires, where children share quality time with the adults.
-Target population: Early childhood.
-Where takes place: Argentina.

-Objectives: We aim at reinstating the phenomena as fundamental pieces of science education. Furthermore, help teachers with resources and practical and efficient tools for the development of scientific thinking.
-Description: A platform of educational and scientific resources for teachers of different levels and disciplines. It consists of complete didactic sequences, individual classes and short proposals that put students in direct contact with the phenomena.
-Target population: Teachers of Argentina.
-Where takes place: Argentina.

-Objectives: We aim at deepening the link between technology and rural education, because it is there where the educational, socioeconomic and digital gaps are higher.
-Description: We set out to design a cognitive-mathematical training program based on mobile technology applications.
-Target population: Children of the province of Entre Ríos, Argentina.
-Where takes place: Argentina.

Address: 25 de Mayo 501 6º Floor - CABA
Phone: +54 (11) 4318-6600


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