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Asociación Civil de Investigación y Desarrollo de Terapia Avanzadas
Asociación Civil de Investigación y Desarrollo de Terapia Avanzadas

Asociación Civil de Investigación y Desarrollo de Terapia Avanzadas

ACIDTA lays the foundations for the new paradigm of Advanced Therapies drugs, performing what was unthinkable until yesterday in human regenerative.

MISSION: Promote and support the development of Basic and Translational research in advanced therapies, including Cell Therapy - according to the definition of the 1997 FDA Cell Therapy is “The use of living cells, processed ex vivo and reintroduced into a human organism with the object of curing, mitigating, preventing or diagnosing a disease or pathological condition ”-, use of Advanced Therapies to obtain a cure in patients with different pathologies or ailments, expanding the universe of applications of Advanced Therapies, teaching and technological transfer of the new techniques or procedures for the correct use of Advanced Therapies, promote the inclusion of Advanced Therapy in the curricula of university careers in health sciences.


*Translational Medicine for Advanced Therapy Drugs (MT-MTA)
-Objective: Define and generate the approval of protocols for Advanced Therapies as translational medicine.
-Description: Construction of a GMP Laboratory to produce advanced therapy drugs, carry out clinical trials for approval by the ANMAT of Advanced Therapy drugs.
-Target population: Patients with morbidity to be treated with Advanced Therapies drugs.
-Where takes place: The entire Argentine Republic.

*Basic Research for the development of Advanced Therapy Medicines (IB-MTA)
-Objective: Conduct basic research such as preclinical trials of Advanced Therapies.
-Description: Construction of a GMP Laboratory for preclinical trials, conducting preclinical trials with the requirements of international standards, publication of results in scientific journals or exhibition at international symposia.
-Target population: National and international scientific society.
-Where takes place: The entire Argentine Republic.

Address: Billinghurst 1666 6to B (1425) - CABA.
Phone: +54 9 11 4076-9422.

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