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Academia Nacional de Medicina
Academia Nacional de Medicina

Academia Nacional de Medicina

The National Accademy of Medicine is a non profit institution whose autonomy is very important since it gives the opportunity to work and do research uninterruptedly remaining outside the vicissitudes of politics, governmental influences and personal interests, focusing only to scientific research.

MISSION: Our institution includes two Research Institutes such as the Epidemiology Research (IIE) Institute and the Hematology Research Institute “Mariano R. Castex” (IIHEMA). Our mission is to favor translational medicine, innovation regarding complex diseases and high impact scientific and technologic development. We also make statements about many topics in the medical field. There is also a strategic alliance with CONICET for Basic research (IMEX).
Our building has the status of Representative Building with the protection of the City of Buenos Aires.
Our Historic Library shelters 38,000 volumes in which you can find incunable books of our first professionals in medicine.


*Health care
-Objective: Medical care for patients with no means of support who are diagnosed with oncohematological diseases.
-Description: Medical Assistance, medical treatment.
-Target population: Patients with oncological diseases.
-Where takes place: Mainly in the City of Buenos Aires and the rest of provinces in Argentina.

-Objective: Development on medical training, professional salary and purchase of equipment to molecular biology studies among others which contribute to the improvement or cure of oncohematological diseases.
-Description: The Institute promotes the search of new methodologies for more efficient treatment of hematological diseases. In order to do this we require inputs and equipment for trials and development of leading-edge techniques.
-Target population: Hematological patients.
-Where takes place: Mainly in the City of Buenos Aires and the rest of provinces in Argentina.

*Staff meetings
-Objective: Interdisciplinary exchange of information in order to study complex cases regarding hematology.
-Description: There is weekly presentation of complex hematological cases to promote interdisciplinary exchange in order to arrive to the best possible treatment. Thus, it is required investment in multimedia equipment for telemedicine.
-Target population: Patients with oncologic, hemato-oncologic or haemostasis and thrombosis diseases.
-Where takes place: Mainly in the City of Buenos Aires.

Address: Av. Las Heras 3092 - Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires.
Phone: 011-4805-6890 / 3392.

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