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Argentinos por la Educación
Argentinos por la Educación

Argentinos por la Educación

Argentinos por la Educación is a plural initiative with political-party independence, originated in a citizen movement that seeks to contribute to the improvement of inclusion, quality and transparency of the Argentine educational system.The organization's priorities are to make educational data available to foster a public debate based on evidence, to generate consensus among educational policy actors on the state policies that should be developed, and to mobilize citizens. (to promote the values we promote, esto me parece que no va ni en ingles ni en español, es reiterativo y no suma nada)Argentinos por la Educación has the support of over 70 education experts with a pluralistic perspective and has mobilized almost 100,000 people through different campaigns. At the same time, it is one of the main sources of educational news in the country, partly due to the more than 50 technical reports that has been published recently.

MISSION: Transform Argentine education through data, consensus and social mobilization.


-Objective: Promote the use of evidence in the public debate in education. 
-Description: Transparency advocacy. Development of an interactive website bringing together national education data. Academic reports. Journalists education.
-Target population: Society at large.
-Where takes place: Argentina (country level).

-Objective: Develop consensus with the main education public policy education leaders in Argentina about long-term education policies.
-Description: Academic seminars with education experts. Declarations.
-Target population: Society at large.
-Where takes place: Argentina (country level).

*Social mobilization:
-Objective: Mobilize and organize parents and citizens in general to promote equity, quality and transparecy of education.
-Description: National campagins such as #InternetEducativa, which was supporte by more than 75,000 citizens.
-Target population: Parents from public schools.
-Where takes place: Argentina (country level).

Address: Maipú 1 - Piso 22 - CABA.

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