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Fundación Delfina Baratelli
Fundación Delfina Baratelli

Fundación Delfina Baratelli

The Delfina Baratelli Foundation for Brain Injuries Prevention and Repair is a nonprofit research foundation that with love and commitment works to improve children’s lives. We focus on brain injuries prevention and repair through education and research.


To dramatically improve the lives and welfare of children of all social sectors with neurological disorders, mainly caused by brain injuries, throughout research focused on prevention and neuronal regeneration.
To provide updated resources and information to patients, families, caregivers and health providers to help them make the best possible decisions for kids with neurological challenges.


- Prevention and awareness campaigns about hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy.

- We give support to needs of neuro pediatric equipment trough donations.

- Clinical Trial with Umbilical Cord Blood for Hypoxic-Ischemic Neonatal Encephalopathy:

Objectives: To obtain a real treatment (receiving reinfusions of umbilical cord blood plus hypothermia), immediately after an episode of oxygen deprivation during childbirth and with certain immediate clinical consequences that predict irreversible neurological damage. In search of diminishing brain damage and its chronic consequences (cerebral palsy, disabilities of different types).

Description: Our financing agreement for this protocol began in 2013 and was renewed in 2016. It is under the guidance of the original clinical trial of Duke (USA). In the Ramón Sardá Maternity next to the Public Bank of Umbilical Cord Blood Garrahan Hospital.

Target Population: Infants born with signs of HIE. Once the first stage is completed, the Protocol will be sought to be multicentric. This is the basis for future protocols with non-autologous cord blood, which would result in a neural regeneration treatment for all children who did not have their cord blood or received hypothermia at the time. The scope will be enormous.

Address: Av. del Libertador 2168
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Telephone: 011-15-5379-3555

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