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Consulting program for NGOs

Tulane University and HelpArgentina work together one more time


HelpArgentina has been working for six years with the Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Tulane University in New Orleans, USA. During their masters program, students (about 40 people) study a subject called "Global Leadership", and as part of it, they have a learning project through mutual service, which aims to connect them with social organizations in Buenos Aires for the purpose To exchange knowledge and experience that would benefit both parties.


The purpose of the project is for students to acquire knowledge about the economic and social situation of Argentina and at the same time offer a consultancy service related to their studies and management experience that benefits local organizations. The group of students is planning to work with four local Argentine organizations developing professional advice.

This year the participating organizations are:

El Arca

Granja Andar

Munay Co-Working Space

Social Lab