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Rendir Cuentas discusses Implementation of the Global Standard at Annual Meeting

Rendir Cuentas met in Bogotá (Colombia) for their annual meeting of partner organisations

Rendir Cuentas used their Annual Meeting this year to share information about the collective civil society accountability exercises of each country during 2016 and the ongoing implementation of the Global Standard as a tool to improve these practices. All Rendir Cuentas partner developed public accountability exercises during the second part of 2016 or during 2017, based on their accountability standards.

Inclusion of Women’s Rights and Environmental Policies

In some countries’ standards, topics related to women’s rights and environmental policies were introduced in order to reflect emerging harmonization processes with the Global Standard for CSO Accountability. In some countries, stakeholders consultations took place where the opinions of different actors regarding the Global Standard were collected. They further discussed examples of potential implementation of the Global Standard on the ground.

This could happen in various ways:  reformulation of code of ethics based on the Global Standard; the design of  self-evaluation tools based on the Global Standard; the preparation of external assessment tools based on the Global Standard; and so many more.

Implementing the Global Standard

From September 2017 to March 2018 Rendir Cuentas country partners will include the Global Standard practical implementation in their working plans and will be specifically developing own projects for implementing the Global Standard.