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HelpArgentina is a nonprofit that allows international donors to identify and support high impact nonprofits in Argentina.

Our goal is to strengthen the nonprofits working to create social change in Argentina, increase confidence in the nonprofit sector and promote the culture of giving among Argentines.

Why Argentina?

Social funds

Donate to these causes by clicking on the following links

•    Microcredit Seed Fund

•    Fund for the Strengthening Education in Argentina (FONDEA)

About Social Funds

Social Funds provide flexible giving and fundraising vehicles, applicable for individuals and groups to supporting causes that are important to them.

1. Benefits and Opportunities of Social Funds

Social Funds allow donors to:
•   Support a variety of organizations and social projects in Argentina. A donor can accumulate donations for a specific cause in their fund to be distributed later among different organizations and projects.
•   Make donations without needing to immediately specify the receiving project or organization. Donors can accrue resources in the Fund and define the destination of their donation at a later date. This alternative is useful for anyone who wants to involve other contributors in a fundraising project, creating a donor pool. (Please see the final point in this section)
•    Finance projects and organizations in a sustainable manner over time. Through a Social Fund, the donor can administer the resources as they see fit – they can make ongoing grants to a project or organization based on the performance of the project.
•    Get contributions from friends, associates, or the general public to support the specific cause of their Fund. Fundraising is made easier by having an account to which anyone can make a tax deductible donation.

2. Characteristics of Social Funds

•    Support any cause - You can provide support to any Argentine social organization which meets US requirements to receive international donations. HelpArgentina has a network of more than 70 Argentine social organizations which are pre-approved to receive donations, and can evaluate other organizations at your request.
•   Involve other people - It is an adaptable tool that allows the person(s) who establishes the fund to recruit the support of other donors. To facilitate participation, HelpArgentina creates a webpage with provides information about the Fund and an online donation platform. A link to this webpage appears on the HelpArgentina website, providing publicity for the fund and the opportunity to attract additional sources of support.
•    Administration of the Fund: The donors have complete freedom to manage the fund to achieve the specified goals, including:
- Unlimited quantity of donations to the Fund
- Unlimited quantity of grants from the Fund to Argentine social organizations.
HelpArgentina administers the money in the Fund until the Fund’s managers specify a recipient for a grant and the amount to be donated
•    Name of the Fund -The Fund can be named at the donor’s discretion (Family name, philanthropic goal, etc.)
•    Personalized Attention - HelpArgentina makes it easy to access information about the Fund, will respond to any questions a donor might have.

3. Opening and Administering a Social Fund

•    To open a Social Fund, a minimum donation of USD 1,000 is required, or the payment of a USD 50 fee to HelpArgentina. This payment allows individuals to create a Social Fund for use as a donor pool without making a substantial personal financial commitment.
•    When awarding grants to social organizations that belong to the HelpArgentina network, HelpArgentina retains a 5% administrative fee of the amount donated by the Social Fund and also deducts the transaction costs associated with receiving the donations and distributing the grant.
•    In the case that the receiving organization doesn’t belong to HelpArgentina’s network, HelpArgentina retains 6.5% of donations with a minimum fee of USD 50.
For these organizations, HelpArgentina is required to perform the audit process mandated by US regulations regulating the disbursement of grants to foreign organizations.

4. Services for the Identification and Monitoring of Social Investments

HelpArgentina can provide additional services to the creator of a Fund:
-   Identify organizations or social projects: based on the preferences or interests of the donors, HelpArgentina can identify various social organizations as alternatives to receive resources from the Fund.
-  Monitoring and Impact Reporting: HelpArgentina can supervise the execution of a project, provide updates on the progress, and deliver a report on the final results of the investment.
An addition fee is charged for these activities, determined based on scope of the services provided.

5. Social Funds established through HelpArgentina

Donate to this causes by clicking on the following links

•    Microcredit Seed FundMicroemprendedoras en una de nuestras organizaciones miembro

An American donor living in Argentina was interested in increasing the financial support available to microfinance institutions so that they could expand their loan portfolios. To accomplish this he established this fund to attract donations to support the growth of microcredit in Argentina. To date, more than 100 people have donated to this fund, which has provided support to four microcredit institutions working in provinces of Formosa, Tucumán and Buenos Aires.
Investment: $40,000 USD, type – public fund.

In the first months of 2007 organizations from Formosa, Tucumán and Buenos Aires were selected, through a competition, to receive the amount raised by the Fund during 2006. To view the first results, see the first progress report (in Spanish) in pdf format.

To know about the final results of the winning projects, please click here.

•    Fund for the Strengthening Education in Argentina (FONDEA)Las organizaciones sociales en Argentina trabajan por el desarrollo del país

An Argentine couple living in the United States were concerned about the deterioration of education in Argentina and created this fund in 2007. After establishing the fund they were able to attract the participation of more than 20 additional donors. The first project financed by the fund was the construction of a new building for the school Nuestra Señora de la Paz in the impoverished town of Las Lomitas in the province of Formosa.
Investment: $60,000 USD, type – public fund.

•   School Incentive Fund

In 2008, an Argentine athlete established the “School Incentive Fund” with the goal of supporting young students with scholarships, encouraging them to complete their studies and graduate.
Investment: $18,000 USD, type - private fund.

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