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HelpArgentina is a nonprofit that allows international donors to identify and support high impact nonprofits in Argentina.

Our goal is to strengthen the nonprofits working to create social change in Argentina, increase confidence in the nonprofit sector and promote the culture of giving among Argentines.

Why Argentina?

Fundaci贸n Sagrada Familia

Fundaci贸n Sagrada Familia

Our mission is to contribute to the support and development of individuals and families, by means of programs that facilitate access to a decent home.

We work to create opportunities that enable access to one's own home to become a reality, without providing handouts, but prioritizing the involvement of the beneficiaries, their personal effort, and mutual help.

More than 7000 families have participated in our programs to date.

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Transparency Report
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Flete Programa Sume Materiales

With AR$700, we can cover our transport costs for one day, collecting donations of materials in our Sume Materiales program.聽 We avoid waste, and enable low-income families access to construction materials and items for their homes.

Cr茅ditos para Viviendas

With AR$1,000 we can provide a micro loan of this amount so that a family can improve their home. 聽The Foundation provides technical and social support.

Our mission is to contribute to the support and development of individuals and families, by means of programs that enable access to a decent home.

1.聽聽 To support and strengthen the dignity of individuals and families who live in substandard conditions, encouraging their abilities in leadership, organization, and creativity.

2.聽聽 To generate opportunities for the people who participate in our programs to participate in new ways, and develop themselves both personally, and as part of their community.

3.聽聽 To stimulate participating families to make a commitment in terms of work and economic effort, by paying back the loan.

4.聽聽 To make the families aware that sharing what we have, helps us to grow together.

5.聽聽 To contribute to the development of a closer and more equal society.

Construction Program: In most cases, this program helps to provide families access to their own home.聽 In other cases, the objective is to improve substandard homes, or to provide services, such as the installation of natural gas.聽 In all projects, we start with the integration and organization of the community.聽 In this way, 200 new homes have been built, and more than 170 families have gained access to natural gas.

Sume Materiales: This is a self-sustaining program, that acts as a link between those who have construction materials and items for the home that they no longer need, and those that need them.聽 We collect the materials from the home or company, repair them if necessary, and sell them at a price in accordance with the economic situation of the families.聽 More than 3,500 families have benefited to date from buying materials at a symbolic price.

Home Improvement Program 鈥 ProMeVi: Provides group micro loans on a solidarity lending basis, for the construction or gradual improvement of the home, together with technical and social support and advice.聽 The program carries out its activities in the northern part of Greater Buenos Aires, where to date more than 3,000 families have taken part.

Inpecci贸n General de Justicia1

Cosme Becar 353, 1 鈥淎鈥
San Isidro
(54 11) 4743-0087 y (54 11) 4743-0088
(54 11) 4743-0087 y (54 11) 4743-0088

President: Eduardo Bustamante

Vice-president: Guillermo Barbero

Secretary: Mart铆n Agramonte

Pro-Secretary: Jos茅 Luis Mendizabal

Treasurer: Fernando Games

Pro-Treasurer: Alberto Ugalde

Member: H茅ctor Beccar Varela

Member: Ramiro Castillo Mar铆n

Member: Bernardo Garaicochea锘

Executive Director: Alejandro Besuschio

Coordinator, Home Improvement Program (Programa de Mejoramiento de Viviendas 鈥 PROMEVI): Mar铆a Jos茅 G贸mez Iza

Social Coordinator, Construction Projects: Cecilia Juana

Technical Coordinator, Construction Projects: Celeste Fisch

Coordinator, Sume Materiales Program: Julio Beccar Varela

Volunteer Coordinator: Beatriz Vedoya de Berasategui

Fundraising Coordinator: Mar铆a Cecilia Mariluz

Communication and Institutional Relations:聽 Mar铆a Itat铆 Cabral

Administrative Coordinator: Rita Nardini

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