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HelpArgentina is a nonprofit that allows international donors to identify and support high impact nonprofits in Argentina.

Our goal is to strengthen the nonprofits working to create social change in Argentina, increase confidence in the nonprofit sector and promote the culture of giving among Argentines.

Why Argentina?

Argentineans in Chicago make The Enlargement of a School in Salta Possible

PreSchool N° 4648

With the support of HelpArgentina, the Argentina Chicago Foundation built a new classroom for the PreSchool N° 4648, located in the department of Rivadavia, in Salta province.

Argentina Chicago Foundation, also known as the Argentineans’’ home in the city of Chicago raises funds in different ways in order to finance social projects in Argentina. For this reason,the Foundation asked HelpArgentina (HA) to present initiatives related to infrastructure needs in schools.

Different organizations from HelpArgentina’s network presented their proposals and the American organization decided to collaborate with the refurbishment and enlargement of the School N° 4648,located in the remote spot called El Gritao, more than 400 kilometers away from Salta’s capital. Thisproject was presenteded by Fundación Escolares, which was also in charge of carrying out the construction work.

Through this initiative, the construction of a 36-meters classroom was funded. It was used to create the preschool level, specificaly, a five-year-old room for the School N° 4648. The five-year-old class is the first compulsory school year according to 16th article of the Argentinian EducationNational Law N° 26.206. In fact, the project allows children from El Gritao to enjoy the right ofeducation.

It is important to highlight that this School’s refurbishment and enlargement is the 4th project thatthe Argentina Chicago Foundation has carried out in collaboration with HelpArgentina.

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