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HelpArgentina is a nonprofit that allows international donors to identify and support high impact nonprofits in Argentina.

Our goal is to strengthen the nonprofits working to create social change in Argentina, increase confidence in the nonprofit sector and promote the culture of giving among Argentines.

Why Argentina?

People giving back in unique ways

Running, Skiing and Marrying for a good cause - innovative ways to give back

* A Charitable Wedding for the Foundation Tzedaka

Jon and Victoria were married outside of Buenos Aires. "It was a beautiful ceremony and a great party and we were very fortunate to have been surrounded by so many loved ones to share our happiness. We were grateful that so many people traveled so far to celebrate with us, since Jon is American and we both live in Washington, DC", said Victoria.

Inspired by the I Do Foundation in the United States, which is dedicated to redirecting a portion of the millions of dollars spent annually on weddings towards charitable causes, the couple contacted HelpArgentina for advice on how they could use their wedding to support a cause in Argentina.  Working with HelpArgentina they invited friends and family to, instead of giving them a gift, make a donation in their honor to the Fundación Tzedaká, a nonprofit organization that promotes social development in the areas of health, education, childhood, senior citizens, housing and volunteerism.  Commenting on the initiative, which raised $1,100, Vicky said: “We hope that other couples are inspired to do something similar at their weddings”.

* Skiing thousands of vertical feet to support Fundación Cruzada Patagónica

Aidan and Micaela Gayner, along with their dad Steve, skied every mountain in Argentina, from Wolfgang Wallner on the Beagle Channel to Las Cuevas near Aconcagua, covering a total of 1800 miles and 20 hills. This American family, with the active support of Susan, Steve´s wife and mom of the children, raised $3,400 from individual supporters and merchandise sales which they donated via HelpArgentina to Fundación Cruzada Patagónica, a nonprofit which supports integrated development of rural communities in northwestern Patagonia.

* Running to help children
After living in the United States for 20 years, Claudio González returned to Argentina on a business trip. His meetings took him close to the villas and his excitement about returning to the country where he grew up was soon changed by glimpses of a harsh reality that he could not ignored. The experience made him wonder how he could give something back to the children of his country.

When he discovered HelpArgentina he decided to work with us to support one of the  member organization, Fundación Pupi. He decided to make his participation in the New York City Marathon the basis of a fundraising campaign for Fundación Pupi, which helps children from the poorest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, with over 100 low-income kids going to the foundation each day, where they receive educational support and participate in recreational activities. “This country gave me one of the best things anyone can ask for, an opportunity. I would now like to give some of that ‘opportunity’ back to the children of the country where I was once a child myself”, said Claudio.

Through his efforts he raised more than $2,000 with his campaign.
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