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HelpArgentina is a nonprofit that allows international donors to identify and support high impact nonprofits in Argentina.

Our goal is to strengthen the nonprofits working to create social change in Argentina, increase confidence in the nonprofit sector and promote the culture of giving among Argentines.

Why Argentina?

Customized Giving and Special Projects

Design and Execution of Customized Social Projects

HelpArgentina offers personalized services to donors who want to support projects designed to meet a specific charitable objective.

•    Design of Customized Projects: HelpArgentina can identify or design a project based on the specific goals and interests of each donor, variables considered include: Social Issue (education, health, etc.); Geographic Area (region, province) and Budget (amount of investment).

•    Monitoring and Reporting: HelpArgentina monitors the project through to completion and presents Progress Reports to the donors. HelpArgentina is also responsible for financial management.  Once the project is completed, HA will present a Final Report with all relevant information related to the project (Activities Completes, Executed Budget, Testimony of Beneficiaries and Photographs).

•    Tax Benefits: Donors who are United States residents are eligible for tax deductions.

•    Fundraising Campaigns and Pooling of Donations: To support fundraising, HelpArgentina will create a specific link at for the project so that friends and acquaintances of the donor can join the effort to make the project a reality.

Examples of custom designed projects:

1. Renovation of Kindergarten (Community of Tres Isletas, province of Chaco, Argentina)

How the Project Evolved: The donor was interested in improving school infrastructure in a rural area.

Process:  Based on the budget set by the donor, HelpArgentina identified four potential renovation projects in schools located in different provinces of Argentina. Project overviews were presented to the donor which included information about the community (population, characteristics and other), the school (number of students and photographs) and details of the proposed project (activities to be carried out, timeline of work and budget).  The donor selected one of the four projects to support.

Project Description and Results:  The community of Tres Isletas did not have a Kindergarten.  The project consisted of renovating a building belonging to the local Elementary School and securing the approval of the Ministry of Education so that the school could begin to operate.  As a result, since 2010, Tres Isletas boasts its first Kindergarten, offering dozens of children the opportunity to begin their formal education.

Investment and Length of Project:  USD 6,000. 6 months.


2.  Educational Incentive Fund

How Project Evolved: An Argentine professional athlete residing in the United States expressed interest in supporting educational projects.  The donor was particularly interested in directly supporting students and finding a way to advance their formal learning.

Process:  HelpArgentina designed a project to provide financial help to children in different parts of Argentina.  HelpArgentina identified potential grant recipients and gathered information about each of their communities, the school they attended, their academic standing, as well as the needs that the funds would be used.

Project Description and Outcomes:  HelpArgentina created the “Educational Incentive Fund”, which provides 300 dollars (in 2 equal disbursements - at the beginning of the academic term and at the midpoint) to 20 high school students in seven provinces across the Argentina.  The funds are used for the purchase of goods and services in response to the specific needs of each grant recipient.

Investment and Length of Project:  USD 6,000 (per year). 10 months (Annual Academic Term).

The donor has been working with the students through this project for 3 years.


3. Microcredit Seed Fund

How Project Evolved: An United States citizen was interested in supporting the growth of microcredit in Argentina and in involving family and friends in the initiative. HelpArgentina designed a web page to support the fundraising efforts of the donor so that interested parties could learn about the initiative and could donate easily.

Process:  In order to identify the microcredit organizations that would receive the funds, HelpArgentina organized a national competition and invited non-profits involved in the promotion and support of micro-entrepreneurs to apply for grants. HelpArgentina collaborated with the donor to establish selection criteria for the fund.

Project Description and Outcomes:  Three organizations were selected as winners of the competition by an expert jury convened by HelpArgentina. The grants they received allowed then to increase their clients by 30%, more than 150 new micro-enterprises.

Investment and Length of Project:  USD 28,000. 16 months.

The fund continues to operate today and annually disperses new grants to different organizations that work in the field.

¨I always wanted to be a part of a small bank and belong to a group. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to do so and I am very grateful. I like the fact that I met a lot of good people there who work tirelessly. I had the opportunity to grow in my shop and today I can say that we are better off, always working, and the best part is that this grows day by day¨. (A woman microentrepreneur)

“Receiving these funds has been important in strengthening a small organization such as ours. Our work model has transformed those who originally were loan recipients into true protagonists in a process of transformation. We are grateful that they have been part of this journey.  We will always remember the donors who made it possible for us to receive the funds through the competition sponsored by HelpArgentina”. (A representative of one of the winning organizations)


4 Support for Social Entrepreneurs

How Project Evolved: An American retiree living in Argentina wanted to provide financial and technical assistance to innovative initiatives developed by young social entrepreneurs.

Process: In order to identify prospective recipients, HelpArgentina organized a regional ¨Social Entrepreneurs Competition¨. Individuals were invited to present their initiatives and the donor, working with a jury of experts assembled by HelpArgentina, selected the winning projects.

Project Description and Outcomes: Three social entrepreneurs received financial support to develop and strengthen their initiatives. The winning projects were:

(1) A social enterprise that commercializes t-shirts produced in sewing workshops which are established in soup kitchens and community centers in shanty towns outside Buenos Aires.

(2) A Cinder block factory for the construction of homes for low-income families.

(3) An initiative to increase awareness and communications related to organ donations and to improve compliance with the existing Transplant Law.

Investment and Length of Project: USD 80,000. 20 months.

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