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HelpArgentina is a nonprofit that allows international donors to identify and support high impact nonprofits in Argentina.

Our goal is to strengthen the nonprofits working to create social change in Argentina, increase confidence in the nonprofit sector and promote the culture of giving among Argentines.

Why Argentina?

Companies and Fundations

Corporate Services

HelpArgentina uses its in-depth knowledge of the argentine social sector to collaborate with local and international businesses to help them increase the impact of their social investments in Argentina.

We help clients:

• Identify projects that align with their strengths and strategic objectives.
• Select high impact nonprofits and then work with them to assure that they understand how to meet the expectations of a private sector partner.
• Define their community investment plans and policies.
• Gain access to key stakeholders in the social sector and facilitate interactions.
• Develop and implement innovative programs to engage their employees in community investment activities.

Our Clients

Corporate Clients:  Cablevisión, Dinero Mail, Farmacity, Goldman Sachs, Google, Pampa Energía.

Institutional Clients: The IFC (World Bank), the Swiss Embassy in Argentina.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the private sector can play a key role in the solution of social issues and that businesses are uniquely positioned to:

• Catalyze social innovation by providing a perspective and a method of analyzing problems that is different from traditional actors in the sector.

• Promote individual engagement with the social sector by developing programs that encourage volunteering and that provide incentives to donate.

How we add value

• We understand the business investment process and can provide support in every step of its application in the selection of social investments.

• We can help a client identify and prioritize the social investment alternatives that:
-    are most relevant to the organization
-    are most important to the communities where a company operates
-    have the potential to generate the most significant impact

• We know the key actors across the social sector and can identify the best partners to collaborate in meeting a specific objective.

• We provide flexible expert resources that can be used to meet specific project needs or to provide ongoing advice.

Our Services


• Perform diagnostics of existing social investment activities.
• Assist in the design of a social investment policy.
• Benchmark against international and national best practice examples.
• Identify the social issues that are most relevant to the company and those that are of greatest importance to the local communities.
• Identify key stakeholders and potential partners and facilitate interaction.
• Design internal procedures for evaluating and prioritizing requests for support that are transparent and efficient and that give added confidence to stakeholders.
• Provide an independent link to gather feedback and perceptions about the company from the stakeholders.


• Identify and evaluate social investment alternatives.
• Recommend methods of intervention to achieve specific goals.
• Define clear project objectives to measure the impact of investments.
• Design and manage public project nomination and selection processes (concursos - competitions).
• Support companies in designing their community investment teams to help ensure the involvement of the appropriate areas of the organization.


• Monitor and make site visits to ongoing projects to evaluate their progress.
• Evaluate the allocation of resources and assess the impact of a project.
• Generate reports summarizing project results for distribution to internal and external stakeholders (employees, community, media, etc.)

Employee Programs

• Design and implement programs that facilitate employee participation in the selection the company’s community investment projects.
• Establish programs which encourage and support employee voluntary activities.
• Organize volunteer days and team building events.
• Develop programs to promote employee donations to the social sector.

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