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HelpArgentina is a nonprofit that allows international donors to identify and support high impact nonprofits in Argentina.

Our goal is to strengthen the nonprofits working to create social change in Argentina, increase confidence in the nonprofit sector and promote the culture of giving among Argentines.

Why Argentina?

New social Organizations joint HelpArgentina

We welcome the organizations that have joined us in the last period:

Asociación Cooperadora del Hospital de Niños Dr. Ricardo Gutiérrez

This association’s objective is to give the children that are patients in the hospital, and their families everything they need in terms of assistance and recuperation. Since 1956, the association has had the privilege to be a bridge between the community and those that need it the most. In its daily activities, which are carried out through donations and legations, the immense solidarity which is very characteristic of the country, serves to convey these numerous and valued gestures to those that need them the most, in the moment in which they are needed.

Mission: Divide up equipment, social assistance and modernization to the Hospital units in order to help to intensify the quantity and quality of permanent growth and development of the medical professionals that with such excellency, work daily to attend to 1,500 outpatient visits daily and 12,000 annual admissions, reaching a total of more than 600,000 children attended to per year.

Casa del Paraná

A place created for the recuperation and reinsertion of people suffering from mental illness. The Casa club in South America is based on a model replicated around the world.

Fundación Brincar por un Autismo Feliz

Brincar and Happy Autism strive for a full quality of life for children and adolescents with autism. They achieve this goal by promoting spaces and activities of expression, festivities, and recreation, strengthening the formation of peers and professionals, and developing community actions that assure their participation as active citizens. The program was founded in April 2010 by two mothers of children with autism.

Mission: Promote a full quality of life for people with disorders on the autism spectrum as a fundamental foundation of emotional, physical, and material well-being, autonomy, interpersonal relationships and the exercising of rights.

Vision: We dream of a society conscious of its own diversity, capable of transforming and constructing social networks that allow a full and dignified life in exercising the rights of active citizens for all the people with disorders on the autism spectrum.

Pies Descalzos - Fundación Franciscana

To be a community is at the same time the means and the end of Shoeless Feet. The force of its work comes from community life that sustains it.

They value the formation and quality of service. They work in dialogues, closeness, and commitment to each other: They follow the example of Francisco de Asís.

Mission: To work alongside families struggling with poverty so that the families can develop their capabilities and transform their reality. To construct opportunities through programs of: work, education, health, living, art, justice, and family links.

Vision: To be a possibility for anyone that wants to escape poverty in the neighborhoods where they work, and that way, transform lives.

To add more people to this style of transformation and be an answer for those that ask how to help poor families.

To share their experience with other Franciscan communities.


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