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Lloyd Nimetz, Co-Founder and President           

Lloyd is a serial entrepreneur who has been a founder of five companies and non-profits throughout the world, including the US, Taiwan, Argentina and India.

Currently Lloyd is the founder of The Spike Lab, an entrepreneurship program for high-achieving high school students in Taiwan who aim to build high-impact ventures and differentiate themselves when applying to top US colleges. Previously he directed the education startup accelerator of 4.0 Schools and before that was the co-founder of Dev Bootcamp NYC (parent company was acquired by Kaplan Inc in 2014). 
He has also worked with a wide range of social change organization including Endeavor, Ashoka and IDB (The Inter-American Development Bank).

Lloyd founded HelpArgentina during the country’s 2001 financial crisis. He was the founding executive director for the organization’s first four years and has served on its board of directors since the beginning.
 Lloyd went to Stanford University (MBA), studied undergrad at Williams College and was Fulbright Scholar in Argentina. Lloyd travels frequently to Taiwan and lives in New York City with two young daughters and his wife, who grew up in Taipei.

Julián Bedel, Co-founder

He has developed in various areas of art, including painting, sculpture, music and lutherie. He has also participated actively in the creation of the concept of museums, wineries, foundations, hotels and restaurants.

His vision of art and creativity has been the mainstay of his work of strategic development of brands and new companies in the cultural as well as in the luxury sector.

In 1999 he founded VIRTUALTRIP digital branding, a company dedicated to digital development and brand positioning in the Latin American market. In 2002, together with Lloyd Nimetz, he founded HelpArgentina, with the aim of creating a link between individuals around the world and the Argentine social sector. The following year he created FORMA Cultural Branding, a branding process-oriented company.

In addition, in 2010, he co-founded the Sociedad de Arquitectura Sustentable (S.A.S.), an organization that promotes sustainable building practices in Latin America.

His most recent project is Fueguia 1833, Laboratory of perfumes, a company which specializes in the creation of perfumes and cosmetics for individuals and companies.